My First Blog Post

For as long as I can remember I was always interested in doing things the healthy way.  Even in my childhood I remember reading food labels and was concerned with choosing the healthiest options, reducing my exposure to chemicals and being environmentally friendly. Fast forward a “few” years and my youngest daughter began school full-time and I suddenly had a lot more time for myself. It was then I decided to go back to school and learn about nutrition in a more formal way. 

I have a background in Science with an Honours BSc so I was ready for the challenge of both returning to school in an environment where at least half the students were half my age and putting my degree to some use after many years of being a stay at home mom.  After an intensive 2+ years of schooling at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition I am finally done!  So…now what?

During my schooling I discovered that I do in fact have a passion for nutrition and an even bigger passion for sharing this information so I am very excited to finally begin this blog and  share some of what I have learned. 

For those that are unfamiliar with the term; Holistic Nutrition is the study of nutrition that considers not only the food we eat and how well we digest and metabolize that food, but also considers the impact of other factors such as lifestyle, stress, sleep, activity level, and even mental and emotional issues on our health.  It is a comprehensive way to look at health that focuses on uncovering the root causes of our health issues in order to correct the source of those issues.

I will be writing a new blog post each week on a variety of topics from the basics of macronutrients and micronutrients to more disease specific issues and current health and wellness trends.  I hope to include new recipes each week related to the topic I discuss along with actionable steps to make implementing changes into your life quickly and easily.  Please let me know what topics you would like to know more about in the comments.

I hope that you will also learn and benefit from my health and wellness journey as I continue to incorporate what I have learned into my own life and share with you the knowledge that can make vibrant health and wellness a reality in your life as well.


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