Kristine Young Wellness provides research and/or writing on any health or wellness topic for your blog or magazine.  Our research and writing is relevant, science-based, well sourced and appropriately referenced.

Please contact me for pricing if you are interested in my research and/or writing services.


A healthy and well employee, is a productive employee.

Kristine Young Wellness provides educational talks and seminars to businesses and organizations of all sizes on health and wellness topics relevant to your employees or members.  Some common topics include:

  • General Health and Wellness; What a Clean Diet Looks Like and What it Can Do for Your Health.
  • Losing Weight; the Healthy and Sustainable Way
  • Nutrition to support Mental Wellness; How Food Affects Your Mood and Your Brain and What to Eat to Support Both

Our educational sessions can vary in size from small focused groups to educational talks with large audiences.

We can also provide your employees or members with material to take home including; educational materials, generalized meal plans, recipes and applicable supplement samples.

Please contact me if you are interested in a quote for your organizations’ educational session.

Individual Protocols & Meal Plans

I help you to take charge of your own health.

Kristine Young Wellness provides you with a custom nutritional protocol, custom supplement protocol and custom meal plan to help you reach your specific health goals and address your health concerns.

Pricing varies based on number and depth of health concerns and number of follow-up appointments required.  Appointments can be done in person (if local), by telephone or via Skype/Zoom etc…

Please contact me if you are interested in a personalized quote.